”If you want an easy life, don’t be an architect”  Zaha Hadid

Ipek Koray and her team are in constant pursuit of contemporary and realistic expressions as well as simple, but from time to time bold, designs with personality.

The team’s purpose is first and foremost to provide interior and exterior solutions that work seamlessly in terms of function and interconnectivity. Only after this is achieved, the desired effects are highlighted with bold touches. Houses, hotels, restaurants, shops, offices, schools, hospitals, museums, cultural centers … No matter what the project is, the team aims to create contemporary spaces easing the soul and the body while respecting the ecological balance.

High quality communication and psychology form an integral part of the work. The aim is to couple the team’s well of knowledge, experience and art with the client’s needs, resulting in mutually created timeless designs.

The essence of Ipek Koray’ s design approach is a contemporary thought and production process devoid of any bias and conservatism.